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Taize Singing

The Taizé Community, in France, was founded in 1940 by Brother Roger Schutz. “Since my youth, I think that I have never lost the intuition that community life could be a sign that God is love, and love alone. Gradually the conviction took shape in me that it was essential to create a community with men determined to give their whole life and who would always try to understand one another and be reconciled, a community where kindness of heart and simplicity would be at the centre of everything.”
Today, it is made up of over a hundred brothers, Catholics and from various Protestant backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations. By its very existence, the community is a “parable of community” that wants its life to be a sign of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples.
Many people travel from all over the world for prayer, Bible study, sharing communal work and to experience the rich, harmonic singing at the Community.
Taize songs are beautifully harmonic. They are sung in various languages and are often repetitive, invoking a reflective, peaceful state in the singers.

Hear samples of Taize songs

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In the Taize evenings you will learn songs from Taize and other spiritual centres. With repetition of the songs you can leave the mind behind and drop into a deeper heart space.

Taize singing evenings, Epsom, March 8th and 15th     ALL WELCOME
The Mercy Spirituality Centre in Epsom have asked me to do two singing evenings as part of their Lent series. Here's the flyer for the whole series.
As you will see, my sessions are on Friday 8th and 15th March, 7:00 - 8:30pm. They will run much the same as my Friday sessions at ONE TWO SIX - we'll learn and sing beautiful harmonic songs from Taize in a meditative atmosphere. Each session will cost $10. No need to register - just turn up.