Sing For Joy


About Max

Max Maxwell has had a love of music from the time he took piano lessons as a young lad in Scotland. Although his main musical endeavours currently focus around community singing and ukulele playing, he has studied or dabbled in various instruments over the years - guitar, bass guitar, organ, flute, recorder, African drumming and marimba.

Max's first experience of singing in a choir (apart from school productions) was when he joined Auckland based Heaven Bent Gospel Choir in 1996. There was no going back after that first night - he spent 14 years with the choir, initially singing Tenor and eventually stepping through an assistant director role to co-director to director. The choir sings many of Max's arrangements and recorded it's first CD under his direction.

During his time with Heaven Bent Max started running workshops and worked with many choirs throughout NZ on a casual or regular basis. He has had leadership roles in various festivals and has mentored upcoming leaders through association with the Wellsford Local Vocal Choir and the Song Leaders Network Aotearoa.

Max established his ongoing SingForJoy Choir in Auckland in 2009 and shortly after added ukulele tuition to his endeavours. His mission with ukuleles is to dispel the idea that they are little plunka plunka instruments played by kids and he challenges his award winning Uke N Sing group with repertoire from the likes of Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Leonard Cohen...

His passion lies in bringing people together to create community, harmony and rhythm through song, played or sung. All are welcome to his workshops - we all have a voice and hands and to sing in harmony or play with a group of others often inspires confidence, creates friendship and brings great joy.